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The Bielefeld engineering office reich + hölscher has been one of the leading specialist planners for technical building equipment in Germany for more than three decades. Our customers are German and international companies, who commission the team from East Westphalia to provide concept development, detail planning, tenders and construction management for contractual services such as heating, ventilation, climate control and sanitation (including technical gases). reich + hölscher does not only undertake new builds but is also an experienced partner for redevelopments and conversions as well as extending existing buildings whilst operations continue as normal.

Since its foundation, the Bielefeld planning office team has realised several hundred projects at home and abroad including production and administrative buildings, laboratories and computer centres, stores and shopping centres and schools and sport centers as well as clinics and retirement homes. reich + hölscher’s credo is to realise sustainable, efficient buildings where people like to work and live in close collaboration with customers and tradesmen.

Klaus ReichMichael Kapke

Managing partners of reich + hölscher: Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Reich (on the left), also publicly appointed and sworn expert for ventilation and air-conditioning of the Engineering Chamber Bau NRW and Dipl.-Ing. Michael Kapke (on the right).


Here you will find our Reference projects online (Sorry, only in German)

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Specialist Planner for Technical Building Services

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